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“Our strong partnership with Kelly Educational Staffing is based on these key principals: service commitment; integrity of process; recognizing the importance of screening applicants; and operational initiatives to track performance—but it is founded on our mutual dedication to the success of the district and our students.”
Supervisor, Employee Support
One of the top 25 public school systems in the nation
“As the district’s Director of Human Resources, Kelly technology and consultation offered even more visibility into the same issues, but with impact and better cost control across the entire school system.”
Suburban Massachusetts school district

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Upholding your reputation with world class education talent management solutions

Kelly Educational Staffing is a specialty service of Kelly Services, a global leader in workforce solutions and the first staffing provider to develop a comprehensive education talent management solution. Today we are not only the leader, but the largest provider of substitute staff across the United States with more than 2.5 million classrooms filled by a Kelly Educational Staffing substitute teacher each school year.

Founded in 1946, Kelly Services has provided workforce solutions to customers in a variety of industries. Kelly has evolved from a United States-focused company, concentrating primarily on traditional office services, into a global workforce solutions leader with a breadth of specialties including finance and accounting, education, engineering, information technology, law, science, and healthcare. We offer a comprehensive array of outsourcing and consulting services as well as world-class staffing on a temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct-hire basis.

Our specialization in education began in 1997. Since that time, Kelly Educational Staffing has been helping school districts adapt to changing conditions by building workforce programs that support their goals. We currently partner with 7,055+ public, private, and charter schools across 35 states. To date, over a quarter billion student learning days have been taught by a Kelly Educational Staffing substitute teacher.

We place qualified substitute employees at educational institutions including elementary, middle, and high schools, and in public, private, and charter schools or districts, with a 100% success improving substitute placement rates in all our partner districts. We have experience and a proven track record with large volume clients, and have handled more than 23,300 absences in a single day during the school year. All of this is combined our dedicated local team, centralized customer support team available 15 hours daily and staffed with over 100 trained engagement specialists to help fill last minute or same day absences, and an exclusive choice of several 24/7 industry-leading, user-friendly web and IVR-based automated absence management and timekeeping systems for real time data and real time results.

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"No other firm in this sector has successfully targeted the education market like Kelly. Many contract substitute teachers and school administrators rave about KES. As school systems look to save, Kelly will be there to provide affordable and efficient staffing solutions."

-John Moore, The Motley Fool